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Code Enforcement in DeKalb County 

Call the County Code Enforcement Office at (770) 724-7940, to report any code violations. They will ask you for your name, but you do not have to provide it, in order for your complaint to be processed. 

Their address is: 1950 West Exchange Place (3rd Floor), Tucker, GA 30084

Leave a message, but BE BRIEF. Give the address (speak clearly and slowly) and your complaint. Do not expect to be called back. Expect a month for any results...always follow up.

Click here to read about the Noise Ordinance.

Below is a summary of the more common code violations:

  • All litter, trash and debris thrown from vehicles are prohibited.

  • Grass and weeds must be maintained below 18 inches in height.

  • Outside storage is prohibited. This includes such items as tires, appliances, auto parts, old furniture, trash, junk vehicles, and dead trees. All stored items must be kept in an area enclosed on all sides by walls and a roof.

  • Storage buildings may only be located in the rear yard and a building permit is required before the unit may be put on the premises.

  • Fences may only be 4 feet high in the front yard or 8 feet high in the side or rear yard.

  • Signs may not be erected in the right of way, nor may they be placed on utility poles. 

  • Junk vehicles (any vehicle which is inoperable or does not bear current tags) may not be parking in residential zones.

  • Parking of vehicles on unpaved, untreated surface (for example, on the grass) is prohibited.

  • Commercial vehicles are restricted in residential zones. Business vehicles such as passenger cars or pick-ups must be parked in a carport or to the side or rear of the house. Other commercials vehicles (e.g. semi tractors, panel vans, school buses, cargo vans) may not be kept in a residential zone.  

  • Boats and trailers may only be parked to the side or rear of one's house, or within a carport or garage.

  • Transient sales (i.e. yard sales) are restricted. No selling may take place within 50 feet of the curb. A business license must be obtained prior to setting up for business . 

Once notice is given, failure to fix the violation within 10 days results in a citation issued for a court appearance.

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