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DECA Yard Of the Month

Yard of the Month Home Page - Winning Yards - Judging Schedule

Policies and Procedures

  • Yards in the following DECA neighborhoods are eligible for winning the Yard of the Month Award: Appling Heights, Beverly Hills, Frontier Woods, LaVenture Forest, Marlin Acres, and Whispering Hills.

  • Each month, yards from only one neighborhood will be judged. The judging schedule was determined by a random drawing.
  • Any house front yard in the DECA area is eligible (regardless of whether the yard is professionally maintained) and the homeowner or resident does not have to be a DECA member.
  • DECA will accept nominations throughout the year; judges will consider all yards in the neighborhood, while paying special attention to those yards nominated. Email us your nomination.
  • The judging team will consistent of 3 DECA members, to be selected each month by the chairperson or vice-chairperson.
  • Judges are unable serve on the month when yards in their own neighborhood will be judged.
  • The DECA President is unable to serve as a judge.
  • Yards will be judged, taking into account the  following criteria:
  • Grass should be moved at proper height: fescue 2-3 inches, hybrid, bermuda and zoysia grass at 0.5-1.5 inches.  
  • Driveway and curbs should be edged. 
  • Shrubbery should not obscure windows. 
  • Some color from flowers is desirable.
  • The 1st Place Winner and the 3 Honorable Mention winners will each receive a DECA Certificate of Appreciation. In addition, the first place winner will have the honor of placing the DECA Yard of the Month sign in their front yard, until the next month's winner is determined. 


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