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Local Clubs Around the DECA Area 

Do you belong to a local club? Would you like to publicize your club and gain more members? Email us your club's name, a brief description, a website address (if applicable), and a contact name and phone #.  We'll post all information below.


PEDS is a member-based advocacy organization dedicated to making metro Atlanta safe and accessible for all pedestrians. 

PEDS' goals:

- Change community attitudes to favor pedestrians 
- Increase walking and other pedestrian activity 
- Ensure the design of pedestrian-oriented communities 
- Advance the equitable use of transportation funds 
- Reduce the risk to pedestrians of injury and death

Contact: Dianne Olansky, Director of Community Education, 404-873-5513
Visit their website.

UUCA Toastmasters Club

Our mission at UUCA Toastmasters is to be a supportive and positive learning environment, so that our members can develop communication and leadership skills, which will in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.

We offer an opportunity to relax while developing or polishing your public speaking skills. The liberal natures of our members provide the kind of environment that fosters independent thinking and embraces diversity. We encourage you to visit one of our weekly meetings! 

We meet every Tuesday night at 8:00 at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta (1911 Cliff Valley Way, NE). Contact Leslie Freymann at 678-547-0350 or visit us online for more details

Nicotine Anonymous Support Group

Nicotine Anonymous® is a fellowship of men and women helping each other to live our lives free of nicotine. We share our experience, strength and hope with each other so that we may be free from this powerful addiction. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using nicotine. There are no dues or fees for Nicotine Anonymous membership; we are self supporting through our own contributions. Nicotine Anonymous is not allied with any sect, denomination, political entity, organization or institution; does not engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any cause. Our primary purpose is to offer support to those who are trying to gain freedom from nicotine.

Contact: Rich Zelnick at 770-618-8732 and visit for more information.

* This is a family website...we will not post inappropriate material.   

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