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Islands in the Sun 
- located at Shallowford Road and Interstate 85

Have you noticed the magnificent transformation of the 4 islands located at Shallowford Road and Interstate 85?!? Last year, these islands were filled with dirt, weeds, and trash - now they are professionally landscaped with gorgeous flowers, plants and trees! We all have DECA member, Nicki Vandergrinten to thank for spearheading this project. The response has been tremendous - over a dozen DECA members have dedicated their time, tools, professional talents, and plants from their own yards to make these islands the beautiful sites you see today. St. Pius X, the Hawthrone Civic Association and NAGS each adopted one of the other islands and volunteers from their groups joined with DECA for several work days and continued to maintain their islands throughout the year. Recently, Publix has adopted the north island on the Publix side of  I-85 (in place of NAGS) and we hope to see all 4 islands stay beautiful for many years to come!

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to work on the islands and/or has donated money or professional services to the cause.

Click here to see before and after pictures, taken by DECA member, Roy Goldenberg.
Click here to see current clean-up pictures, taken by DECA member & Webmaster, Leslie Freymann

If you would like to volunteer to help with the islands, please email Nicki Vandergrinten.