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Name Neighborhood Phone # E-mail

Web Site

Veronica "Nicki" Brown Appling Heights N/A E-mail Web Site
Wayne & Mary Daniel Appling Heights N/A N/A N/A
John Wise  Appling Heights N/A E-mail N/A
Richard Hughes Appling Heights N/A E-mail N/A
Peggy Hynes Appling Heights 770-458-8201 E-mail N/A
Bill, Jennifer, Sophia, & 
Annelise Hope Petritz
Appling Heights  770-234-9571 E-mail N/A
Ken Sidwell 
Re/Max Greater Atlanta
Appling Heights (Former) 404-250-1021 E-mail N/A
Cindy Stewart & Stephen Barnes Beverly Hills 770-451-6009 E-mail N/A
Michael Hymes
MetroBrokers GMAC
Beverly Hills 770-457-2197 E-mail Web Site
Mike Branum Frontier Woods 770-458-5170 E-Mail N/A
Ryburn & Imogene Clay Frontier Woods 770-458-6951 E-mail N/A
Mark & Lynn Thibodeau Frontier Woods 770-451-7377 E-mail N/A
Brian Frasier
Re/Max Greater Atlanta
Frontier Woods 404-422-6050 Email Web Site
Jean Frost Frontier Woods 770-455-0994 E-Mail N/A
Greg and Amy Steinman LaVenture Forrest N/A E-Mail N/A
Gail L'esperance LaVenture Forest 770 458-7801 E-mail N/A
Sandy Thompson LaVenture Forest 770-452-7404 E-mail N/A
Andi and David Heifetz LaVenture Forest N/A E-Mail N/A
David Evans and Gail Godfrey LaVenture Forest 770-455-6292 E-mail N/A
Eric, Donna, Emily, Heather and Timothy Mikan Marlin Acres N/A E-Mail N/A
Nell, Matt, and RUBY Marlin Acres 770.986.7076 E-Mail Web Site
Whit, Becky, Melissa 
& Hunter Norris
Marlin Acres 770-451-8963 E-Mail N/A
Laura Lea, Allen & Grace Clinton Whispering Hills 770-458-2306 E-mail N/A
Ernie & Heather Culpepper Whispering Hills 770 454 9719 E-mail N/A
Suzee & Eric Schwartz Whispering Hills N/A E-Mail N/A
Tom and Lesley Lumburner Whispering Hills N/A E-Mail N/A
Kurt Carlson Whispering Hills 770 451-9269 E-Mail N/A
Elizabeth Donnelly &
Chuck Parker
Whispering Hills 770-457-4350 E-Mail N/A