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The 2004 DECA annual picnic was a GREAT success!!!!
I want to thank the 60 + residents who attended last Sunday's picnic and the many who helped make it happen. First, a Special thank you goes to Shane and Danielle Griffin of Frontier Woods for sharing their beautiful and spacious backyard with all the residents of DECA. A BIG thank you to Mike Branum for his logistical contributions; he picked up the BBQ and keg of beer and delivered them to the picnic venue, then helped me with all the games, chairs, beverages and such that needed to be hauled here and there - Wow!

Thank you to Jim Dorsey for procuring and setting up the tents and tables...and to Sheila Rotter for loaning the tables. Thank you to Brian Baker for securing the duo, consisting of Bill Porter (flute) and Dave Kehres (keyboard) who provided pleasant music. Thanks to Nikki Van DerGrinten for all her ideas and general help and to Cheryl VonSoosten for assisting with set up. To Irene Walsh and Kurt Featherolf for storing the keg until the party. And of course to everyone who assisted in the clean up afterwards!!! Apologies if I missed anyone, but please know that everyone's efforts are appreciated!
I also want to thank all the local business that so generously supported us. Park Ridge Chiropractic donated two (2) $250 gift certificates for a consultation, evaluation and x-rays, and a $90 one hour massage. Danielle Griffin's company donated a free clean up or mulch. The Hollywood Movie Theater donated eight (8) movie tickets, Chocolate coffee shop donated two (2) half pounds of coffee in a nice gift bag. The UPS store donated 1200 free copies. Collard Green Cafe donated one free lunch. And last but not least, Publix donated beverages and ice.
All these businesses will be officially recognized in the next DECAzette, but if you get the chance please let them know you appreciate their continued support of our community!  

We had the pleasure of several political candidates in attendance Sunday. Jill Chambers donated beverages, Eric Ponder brought all the sandwich buns, and Judge Johnny Panos brought beverages. Also in attendance was Super District 6 Commissioner Judy Yates and several of the North Precinct's finest Police Officers.  

Despite the clouds and sprinkles 60 + DECA residents attended the picnic and oh! all the home cooked side dishes and desserts were a treat - potluck is certainly the way to go!
Jean Frost
DECA Social Chair