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The 4th Annual DECA Picnic
Sunday, October 23rd from 1pm to 4pm
2780 Pioneer Court

Click here to see some pictures.

The Fourth Annual DECA picnic was an amazing event with incredible creative decor by DECA residents Dax and Quincy of D & Q Designs. Dax and Quincy designed big beautiful flowers and colorful clouds from balloons, and creatively integrated them throughout the park-like landscape of Shane and Danielle's back yard...similar to the Chihuly exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens only with balloons in lieu of blown glass. Truly a festive atmosphere. Thank you Dax and Quincy!

Another extraordinary neighbor of ours, Jeff Yackel, just happens to be the Owner/President of a local talent booking agency, VIP Entertainment. Check out his website !!! This guy books major musical talent for local business events and big long running Las Vegas shows. Jeff pulled a few strings and secured a fantastic duo that played favorites from the 70's, 80's and 90's. Jeff joined in on bass and the entertainment quickly became a trio, they had me singing! Thank you Jeff!

You've all heard the old adage 'he's my right hand man'. Mike Branum is no right hand man, he is THE MAN! Where do I begin...he went grocery shopping with me (hee hee, I know he loved that), he hauled all the groceries from Sam's to his house for storage and picked up the keg of beer. Then the morning of, he was there to haul everything to the venue including the huge BBQ grill and carry it from the truck down to the picnic area. Oh, and he cooked all the hot dogs and hamburgers! Honestly the picnic would not have been the success it was without Mike, thank you very much Mike!

And it goes with saying, an enormous thank you to Shane and Danielle for the use of their beautiful back yard. They were there early the morning of assisting with the set up and hauling of tables, chairs and tents to the picnic venue too. And a big thank you to Elijah for letting us borrow his parents for the day!

I also want to thank Ceil and Marty Locker for slicing and dicing the onions, tomatoes and lettuce. AND for getting those items to the picnic, because I forgot to pick them up!!! I also want to
thank Michelle Yackel for shopping with me at Sam's...she was lots of support and laughs. Thank you to Sheila Rotter and Mike Besal for the use of their tables and tents. Thank you to Robin of
Anthony's Pizza for making the hamburger patties and donating the hamburger buns.

Last but not least, I want to thank all the local businesses that support our community by contributing to our raffle and in other ways. Please return the favor by supporting the following
businesses; Park Ridge Chiropractic Center, United Health Chiropractic, ChocoLate Coffee Shop, The UPS Store, Publix @Shallowford Exchange, Collard Green, Anthony's Pizza and D & Q

Jean Frost
DECA Social Chair