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Congratulations to our 2003 winners!!!
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October - Best of the Year's Honorable Mentions

2887 Dresden Square Dr. (Russ Pena & Adam Eiermann) 
Photo 1, Photo 2

September - Whispering Hills

1st Place:
2499 Woodside Way (Heather Slappey and Ernie Culpepper)
Honorable Mentions:
2990 Kammeyer Lane (Anne Marie Loeffler)
2968 Whispering Hills Drive (Owner Name Unknown)

August - Marlin Acres

1st Place:
2569 Dresden Drive (Cimiljana Pesikan) 
Honorable Mentions:
2839 Marlin Way (Frances & Carlton McIntosh)
2953 Marlin Drive (Myrtice Chappelear)

2826 Marlin Dr (Jennie & Emmett Harlan)

July - LaVenture Forest

1st Place:
Betty and Carolyn McCormick 2909 Arrow Creek Drive
Honorable Mentions:
2368 Arrow Circle (Scott and Tara Morgan)
2410 Arrow Circle (Carolyn Bell) - no picture taken
2398 Arrow Circle (Liz. and Stan Rouse)

June - Frontier Woods
lst Place:

2755 Frontier Ct. (Scott Caples)
Honorable Mentions:
2678 Frontier Trail (Jennifer Cleveland & Melissa Folk)
2752 Frontier Trail (Sally Daegling)
2774 Frontier Court. (Heidi & Keith O'Daniel) 

June - Dresden Square 
lst Place:
2844 Dresden Square Dr. (Jim Hildebrandt)
Honorable Mentions:
2887 Dresden Square Dr. (Russ Pena & Adam Eiermann)
2891 Dresden Square Dr. (Elaine Mattison)

May - Beverly Hills

1st Place:
3092 Meadowood Lane (Michael and Sandra Denton)
Honorable Mentions:
3189 Stratford Arms (Sugie Gibbon)
2584 Beverly Hills Drive (Jennifer and Doug Clough)

3067 Stratford Arms Drive (Ricky Leung)

3206 LaVenture Drive (Dot and George North)

April - Appling Heights

1st Place: 
2859 Appling Drive (Agnes & John Nelson)
Honorable Mentions:
3003 Appling Way (Margaret & John Kelentie)
2936 Appling Circle (Ronnie Railey)

2920 Appling Drive (Kelly Smink & Pamela Hansen)